How to Break Into Group Fitness Teaching: A masterclass in getting started and keeping motivated

Since I started sharing my passion for fitness online, I’ve gotten countless direct messages, calls, and texts from friends and strangers alike asking “How did you become a group fitness instructor?”, “What group fitness certification exam did you take?”, “How do I start teaching group fitness classes?” and a million other variations of these questions!...
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Listen Up!: 8 Sports Nutrition Podcasts to Tune Into

Thanks to the Internet, we have abundant access to high quality, science-based nutrition podcasts. We also have access to a lot of questionable nutrition information. To help guide your nutrition education options, I have identified a few credible podcasts that focus on general nutrition, sports nutrition, dysfunctional eating, injury recovery, and other topics of interest...
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Entering a Season of Change: 7 Natural Immune Boosters

Before there were pharmaceutical factories dotting our landscapes there were crops. Lush with vitamins and antioxidants, these crops held medicinal properties that had been relied upon for generations. Currently, US residents are the biggest spenders world-wide when it comes to pharmaceuticals; be that for chronic health conditions such as diabetes or mood disorders such as...
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