My Journey in the Fitness Industry


my-journey-500x334When I was 13, my father was experiencing some health problems and needed to lose weight. I went to the health club with him, and although I was an athlete, I did not yet understand what it meant to truly be healthy. Like any other young kid, my nutrition included junk food saturated in fats and sugars, and being sedentary while playing video games. I also spent a majority of my childhood playing everything from baseball to bowling, and I was even elite at times, but my day-to-day habits were not always based on the best choices for my body. I found myself sick more often than a young man should be. I internalized a lot of stress and didn’t know how to release it. I needed an outlet that would not only benefit me physically, but would also biochemically release endorphins.

The combination of bad nutrition and stress probably played the role of why I was sick so often. However, when I initially began working out with my father, I started putting the puzzle pieces together. I couldn’t be an athlete without having the behavioral patterns of an athlete. I felt the difference physically and mentally immediately, and my father did, as well. My dad lost weight and improved his health tremendously. He looked younger and… [ Read More ]