Military Muscle

Military Muscle: Getting to the Heart of Boot Camp Training Benefits with Glenn Marshall


Military MusclePhysical fitness is critical to Glenn Marshall’s success in Southern Louisiana’s forestry industry.

Just looking at him, he is a fitness machine. His level of physical development is not an accident. It is simply an integral part of Marshall’s life as a member of the United States Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps considers physical fitness an indispensable aspect of leadership. The habits of self-discipline required to gain and maintain a high level of physical fitness are inherent to the Marine Corps way of life and must be a part of the character of every Marine. Fitness is essential in the day-to-day effectiveness and combat readiness of the Marine Corps; and they have a plan to make sure that happens.

Enlisting for Transformation
Having some knowledge of the physical requirements a Marine must meet, Marshall prepared for entrance in The Corps by focusing on strength and agility.

In the weeks leading up to boot camp, Marshall, who had been a successful high school athlete, ran long distances, performed burpees and pull-ups, and simply tried to incorporate as many muscle-confusion exercises into his routine as possible.

His Marine Corps recruiter was a pivotal mentor during his preparation. Having almost two months of preparation time, Marshall followed the recruiter’s advice and even trained with him on a regular basis. From kettle bell workouts and band work, to more intense HIIT, his recruiter programmed many different challenges to hone Marshall’s strength and agility.

Outside of the physical requirements that would be expected, Marshall felt prepared for the unknown mental challenges as well. Joining a group of 60-plus men, he would have to transform his individual preparation into the… [ Read More ]