Matt Norrby

Matt Norrby: An Irish Lad with a Heart of Gold


The classic Irish accent took only a few minutes to assimilate. The baritone voice exuded focus and purpose. And what shined brightly was the soul of a champion. His incredible aesthetics and powerful prose on social media attracted my need to understand the components that shaped the champion. So I reached out and asked if he would be willing to share some of his insights with me. He graciously accepted my offer.

Matt NorrbyHe is not only a personal trainer. He is an athlete. To be exact, a crossover athlete. What began as a way to be better in his favorite sport, soccer, led to a passion for the gym and the outcomes it could produce.

Matt was the typical teenage athlete. The power, speed, strength and discipline required of soccer could all be honed within the walls of a gym. Spending many hours training to be better in his sport, Matt could not help but notice the physical changes that were taking place.

The attributes of bigger, faster, stronger were accompanied by an aesthetic partner. So a decision point was on Matt’s horizon: to continue training as a soccer athlete or… [ Read More ]