It’s A Bolt of Lightning Every Day


Sitting down with Beverly Hills-based fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson yielded a few laughs, good advice, and the reason he loves his job.

Thanks so much for talking with us about your fitness training experience! How would you describe yourself as a trainer?

Thanks for including me! I work at keeping up with new protocols as well as new equipment. I try everything myself. Basics and beyond. New and “as of yet conceived.” I am always looking for a better way, a safe way, and a way to keep it moving and fun. That yields results as well as business.

What are some reasons you became a trainer?

I was a fat kid. When I got into working out and started learning about food and was able to change my own body, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Someone asked me to train them one day (26 years ago!) and I have never looked back! I was inspired by the usual suspects: Arnold, Joe Weider, action heroes and athletes. It is and has been such a natural path for me I would never second guess it or question it. It’s a bolt of lightning every day!

How do you create fitness routines for your clients?

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