From the Ice to the Mat: Functional Training Program Tips from a Competitive Figure Skating Coach


Figure SkatingIt’s my favorite part of the Winter Olympics!” Yes, that is ‘the’ response most figure skaters hear after telling someone that they are in fact a competitive figure skater. But what people sometimes do not realize is that training for this “winter sport” is a brutally intense year-round commitment that calls for steadfast dedication.

After skating competitively for 18 years and graduating with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, I began coaching young skaters both on the ice and in the gym. I quickly discovered that my background in the sport and my knowledge of Exercise Science and personal training fundamentals would be a great foundation to train young skaters in a way that would prepare them for the intensity of figure skating—physically and mentally.

Skating on Thin Ice aka An Imbalanced Training Program

Too often, young skaters skate three to four hours a day, six days a week; while little emphasis is placed on workouts. It’s imbalanced training programs like this that lead to injuries, which can be detrimental to the athlete’s progress. Proper strength, conditioning, and flexibility training early in a skater’s career is imperative to their success.

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