From Couch to Class


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    From Fitness Trainer May/June

Heads up fitness instructors, if you’re looking for a few new clients look into the social circle of your current clients.

Yeah, yeah, you know … fit friends rep together. But those aren’t the friends we’re talking about, we’re talking the not so fit friends.The friends who would get down on a workout in a second … if they didn’t have to do it alone.

According to Physical Activity Council’s (PAC) 2018 Participation Report, in a survey of 30,999 Americans, nonexerciser—43 percent of them actually—were motivated by the thought of a quick class with clear instruction in a communal environment.

“While people are aspiring to be active, getting them there always seems to be the problem. As seen over the years, people start participating in different activities if they had a friend or family member to do it with,” the report says. “Years have shown us that first-time participation really depends on who you are doing it with more than if you have the time.”