Finding Your Balance In Your Fitness: Don’t Be A Cardio Bunny


cardioIn a world where McDonald’s has served over a billion burgers, many people find it hard to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It is no secret that obesity in America is a huge problem (no pun intended). What I want to stress in this article is the importance of finding a balance that works for you in order to embark upon optimum quality of life. Whether you are already a fitness fanatic and want some extra motivation, or if you are just about to take your first steps into the life of the fit individual you want to become, I have some tips to help you along:

1. Cardio is good, but weights are important: Many people believe that running five miles a day is the best/only way to trim down and get the results they want. I can tell you for certain that this is one of the biggest fitness myths out there. Being a “cardio bunny” is not going to get you the toned arms, shoulders, stomach, back and so on that you desire. Rather, a balanced approach (notice that the word balance is becoming a key word here) to splitting up weight lifting and cardio time is far more efficient. The hundreds and hundreds of clients I have trained over my 20 year career can attest to the fact that weight lifting is the key to not only losing weight, but losing inches and getting that sexy musculature that we all strive for. And no, ladies, this doesn’t mean you have to be an Olympian power lifter—even low weight and high reps will work! At maximum, I would suggest 3-4 hours of cardio per week.

2. Health and Nutrition: Working out is undoubtedly vital to human longevity but there is another factor that cannot be neglected. All of your hard work in the gym won’t amount to much if you don’t… [ Read More ]