Dr. Edwin Adams


Dr. Edwin H. AdamsDr. Edwin H. Adams, is a pharmacist, certified fitness trainer, and founder of StayRxFit, an innovative health and fitness service company providing tactical strategies to address obstacles to success in fitness, health, and motivation. Just as a recipe or prescription contains careful amounts of special ingredients, mixed in specific ways and in a particular order, so too does the recipe for success in health and fitness. Without quality input, attentive focus to form and proper sequencing of methods, the recipe for success is tainted. Thus, the purpose of StayRxFit is to educate people in creating excellence from the ingredients within each of us, and to support the fitness & health transformations born from the mix of ingredients in our life recipes.

Our hope is that the community of connections made here will continue to grow and impact change through excellence in health and fitness. What began as the final tag line in freelance magazine contributions, “Stay Rx Fit” continues as our mission – supporting the recipe for success and excellence in health and fitness.