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Don’t Forget to Pack the Program: How to Keep Your Client on Their Nutrition Program During Vacation


Vacation NutritionLet’s not kid ourselves, we all know what Spring Break is about. Whether our clients are 20 something’s heading down to Cancun or parents setting off to Orlando to greet the mouse, they’re going to let loose. That daily routine we had them progressing through, it’s likely going to come to standstill for a few days … unless we as trainers make sure our clients pack some personalized nutrition and training tips, instead of margarita breakfast and character dinner excuses.

Nutrition is likely the hardest thing to keep under control when you are vacationing, however with a few tricks and tools in their suitcase there is no reason your client can’t come home from Spring Break feeling and looking better than when they left!

• No excuses
• Portion control
• Eat calories, don’t drink them

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