Discover Strength: A Scientifically Backed Workout


Luke Carlson, CEO of Discover Strength (Minneapolis, MN), has been passionate about exercise and fitness since he was six years old. This passion continued throughout high school and lead him to study exercise physiology as both an undergraduate and graduate student.

“It became apparent to me that the academic exercise science community was publishing valuable research and growing our understanding around the benefits of exercise and how to do the exercise… but this wasn’t how people actually worked out,” Carlson said.

Carlson has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 20 years with the goal of “bridging the gap between the scientific research and how people actually work out.”

Eighteen years ago, he founded Discover Strength, which now has 44 corporate and franchise locations across the country.

“Our purpose was to lead a movement in evidence-based exercise… to create a business that served this important purpose,” Carlson said. “I launched the business because smart, safe, evidence-based strength training is truly life-changing.”

Discover Strength primarily focuses on one-on-one and small group strength training. Carlson said there are three main aspects that make the company’s offerings “special and different.”

First, all the personal trainers are expert exercise physiologists.

“A client is working with a professional who has degrees, advanced certifications, reads the research and even publishes research,” Carlson said.

Second, the workouts last 30 minutes and clients only train twice per week. According to Carlson, this is particularly helpful for a busy clientele who don’t want to waste time on insufficient workouts. Third, every aspect of the workouts is based on scientific evidence.

“The workouts aren’t fad-driven, Instagram-driven, celebrity/fitness influence-driven, but instead are based upon the preponderance of scientific research,” Carlson said.

Discover Strength also has a mobile app, available on Google Play and the App Store, that allows clients to quickly and seamlessly select a location, time slot and exercise physiologist. Carlson wanted scheduling to be “as frictionless as possible.”

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure used to gauge customer loyalty, satisfaction and enthusiasm with a company. According to Carlson, Discover Strength currently has a NPS score of 93, which few other companies can rival.

Carlson is dedicated to improving his clients’ experiences and delivery the best value possible.

“The personalization of the workout is the intersection of scientific research, experience from our expert physiologists and our internal systems and processes,” Carlson said. “Combined, this allows us to master the art and science of delivering world-class workouts.”

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