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Community-based Clientele Building: Why Your Barista Might Be Your Next Best Client


Client, Coffee & FitnessClients want to work with a trainer they feel comfortable with, someone they can talk to, and most importantly someone who’s enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Now let’s say that trainer is someone the prospective client has been in contact with; maybe not directly, but their face – they know it, it’s familiar. Of course that trainer now has a 10-fold advantage of closing the program sale and adding another client to their files.

If you are a personable individual, especially outside of the gym; say when you’re grabbing your morning coffee, picking up new equipment from a local sporting goods store, or dropping off your laundry your ability to transform community members into clients strengthens. Clients want someone they can talk to and relate too as much as get them in shape. And some of the strongest and most lasting impressions begin out in the community.

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