Bringing Balance to the Beat


5 Self-Care Tips for emerging group fitness instructors

    From Fitness Trainer May/June

Looks easy enough, right?

– Compile a range of functional movements that sync together to increase fitness effectiveness while reducing risk of injury.

– Layer those movements over a popping playlist.

– And boom! Sweat it out in the studio for the next 45- minutes as class participants hang on to every cue you’ve got to give. Not so quick though. Let’s get that heart rate back to resting and really consider what it takes to be a group fitness instructor. Often times people join the fitness industry as group exercise instructors because of the happiness they feel from being in a group and the ability to reap personal physical benefits.

You know that energy you’ve experienced reverberating off the studio walls, twisting and transforming around participants? Well, that energy has to come from somewhere, and that

somewhere is you—the instructor. Which is why group fitness instructors who understand the business ( one that calls for countless hours on your feet with almost just as many planning and programming) and allow themselves appropriate rest will be very successful.

Keeping self-care as a priority is paramount, so here are some tips to setting yourself up for success…

Victoria Tolbert-Ashley

As a visionary fitness entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, holistic health coach, author, and public speaker—Victoria Tolbert-Ashley has progressively worked within the health and fitness industry for a number of years. Currently completing a health fitness book for women and expecting mothers, she’s a constantly growing force in the industry. Victoria has developed and marketed sports nutrition, fitness & sports apparel, and health & fitness programs for a fortune 500 corporate clients and small businesses.

Masters Degree: Health Promotion And Exercise Science | Post Masters Certificates: Corrective Exercise & Performance Enhancement | NASM – CPT, PES, CES | AFAA – Primary Group Exercise | TPC – Pilates Reformer Level 1 | MDA – Level 2 cycling Instructor | National Academy of Speed & Explosion Coach | Yoga – Level 1 Instructor | Zumba – Level 1 Instructor | USATF – Level 1 Track & Field Coach