Damage Control: Training Strategies for Bodybuilders with Chronic Musculoskeletal Injuries


Bodybuilders-damage-controlLike many competitive bodybuilders, I’ve done my fair share of heavy lifting. Unfortunately, years of heavy repetitive movements, coupled with an unquenchable desire to win, resulted in muscle imbalances and wear and tear injuries that wreaked havoc on my joint health and put an end to my “Blood and Guts” training style.

As a consequence of decreased range of motion, arthritic changes from old injuries, and joint capsules that sounded like Rice Krispies tussling in a puddle of synovial fluid, I was compelled to revise my approach in order to continue deriving enjoyment as well as the extensively documented benefits from resistance training. The good news is that suffering with these training-related musculoskeletal injuries and other orthopedic issues didn’t have to end with writing my weight training eulogy.

Here are five practical tips for those whose musculoskeletal health may have succumbed to their ego-infused, gravity-defying, and injurious iron-clad pursuits.

1. Correct Imbalances
Muscle imbalances result from opposing muscles becoming chronically lengthened or… [ Read More ]