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Fitness Trainer Magazine is endorsed by The National Strength & Conditioning Association, The National Council of Certified Personal Trainers, The International Association of Resistance Trainers, National Academy of Sports Medicine & ECA World Fitness.

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Reaching 90,000+ personal trainers and fitness consumers, influencing $3/4 billion in sales of fitness products and services.

Recipients also include athletes, coaches and other leaders and trend-setters working within the $78 billion global fitness and health club industry!

Fitness Trainer magazine OBJECTIVE: An aid to trainers, a link to advertisers.

Fitness Trainer fills the niche existing for a business to business publication to help personal/fitness trainers succeed in their professions and improve their service to clients. Much as patients look to Doctors for advice to stay well, clients look to trainers to stay fit. Fitness Trainer’s writers are renowned authorities on the several subjects that are relevant to the training profession. The very prestigious NATIONAL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING ASSOCIATION contributes articles for each issue. Fitness Trainer is indeed “For Trainers By Trainers!”

As Fitness Trainer serves readers, so does it serve marketers of fitness related products and services by providing a link to convey the virtues of your brands to a vital and INFLUENTIAL audience, eager to keep up with trends and new products in order to help clients reach their desired fitness goals.


Fitness Trainer Magazine reaches the fitness industry’s most influential members – personal trainers – who are also among the most sought-after consumers of health and nutrition products. FT’s personal trainer readership also have tremendous influence over the purchase decisions of their clients!

A link to Fitness Trainer is delivered to the email addresses of over 90,000 PERSONAL/FITNESS TRAINERS & FITNESS CONSUMERS in the U.S. and Canada. A unique software program extracts trainers’ contact information, sourced by the several organizations offering certification and advanced education opportunities to entry level and advanced accredited personal trainers.

Email distribution also includes coaches, athletes, other active fitness consumers.

Fitness Trainer is also promoted on our Facebook page with over 23,000 likes! Fitness Trainer is also available internationally on global digital newsstands.

Fitness Trainer: Enormous Sales potential, a HUGE link for advertisers.

To illustrate the enormous sales potential for marketers of fitness related products existing between the covers of Fitness Trainer, an Nth name telephone study conducted in 2014 among listed readers revealed that they influence an average of 19 clients, each spending an average of $470 annually on fitness. If projected to the total list of OVER 90,000 TRAINERS & FITNESS CONSUMERS, that would represent a potential sales universe of $3/4 BILLION. Even if only ten percent see your ad, there’s over $75 MILLION in sales potential existing with these INFLUENTIAL trainers – almost $40 MILLION if you reach only ONE IN TWENTY!

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As Fitness Trainer Magazine is in our 3rd year of service to over 90,000 personal trainers and fitness consumers — WE are looking for you… To remind you that our readers influence over a half a billion dollars in sales of products just like yours and how YOU can influence them for almost no out of pocket investment.


  • Dymatize
  • Dragon Door
  • ECA World Fitness
  • Huntington College
  • Looo Company
  • MHP
  • Muscle Plus Labs
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • National Council for Certified Personal Trainers
  • NutriFit
  • Pro Fit Jobs
  • Reliv
  • Revolutionary Technology Nutrition
  • Training Camp Solutions
  • And much more…


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