older population

A New Conversation on the Older Population


older population

With an ever-blaring boom of interest echoing though the fitness industry as of late, the conversation has centered on, and been amongst, the young and middle-aged. Just listen, you’ll hear about running PRs, annihilated Crossfit WODs, the achievement of sitting first row at last night’s spin class, and most recently powerlifting 1 rep maxs.

But there’s a voice getting lost in the chatter and that’s of the older population—55-plus into senior. For every 20 runners tweeting about their most recent half marathon there’s an older runner discussing their time at that same run over a cup of coffee. While millennials are stepping into boxes, seniors are at home deadlifting at their own pace through a daily WOD. Right there in the second row of last night’s spin class is a new grandmother working to get her name on the board.

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