24 Hour Fitness Partners With Angel City Football Club


24 Hour Fitness (San Ramon, CA) announced a partnership with Angel City Football Club (ACFC) to foster community wellness, promote women’s fitness and support youth soccer development.

“This collaboration with 24 Hour Fitness allows us to deepen our impact on the community and reinforce our commitment to health, wellness and the development of young athletes,” said ACFC Co-founder and President Julie Uhrman. “We look forward to joining forces with a partner like 24 Hour Fitness that shares our vision for a more inclusive and health-conscious world.”

24 Hour Fitness is well-known for its focus on mental health, recovery and connection at its fitness centers. With several women leading crucial departments such as marketing and operations, the company is dedicated to attracting more women to gyms.

Ten percent of the partnership investments will support a soccer clinic series to nurture the next generation of talent while promoting mental and physical wellness across Los Angeles. Throughout 2024, 24 Hour Fitness and ACFC will host nine free community soccer clinics, the organizations said.

There will also be an exclusive “Fantasy Camp” where select 24 Hour Fitness members will be able to train, drill and go head-to-head with ACFC athletes. 24 Hour Fitness coaches will also work with ACFC teams to develop fitness techniques and offer group exercise classes at Los Angeles-area gyms.

“Angel City FC is making an immense impact in L.A., one of our largest markets, through their dedication to community improvement, equity and inclusivity through the power of women’s sports,” said Jill Rankin, CMO at 24 Hour Fitness.

For more information, visit www.24hourfitness.com or www.angelcity.com.