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Next Level Strength

The ultimate rings and parallettes program

When we got started in fitness, we didn’t have many options. We were just two broke kids from Brooklyn, so we began with what was available to us: push-ups and pull-ups. This was not because we were necessarily “calisthenics guys” but simply because we didn’t have access to any equipment other than a basic doorway pull-up bar and the ground beneath our feet. During the course of our journey, we would explore other methods of training. Once we were …

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A Full Body Approach to Core Training

The core consists of the following muscles: rectus abs, floor pelvic muscles, transversus abs, internal and external obliques, spinal erector, longissimus thoracis; and I would also include the glutes. In my opinion, core training programs that promote isolation of one or more of these muscles are misleading to say the least. Look at your thigh muscles. It is impossible to …

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University of Florida


News Wire

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Product of the Month

ProHydrolase for Optimal Protein Digestion

ProHydrolase is a highly effective blend of protease enzymes designed to quickly and efficiently break down protein into bio-usable form. It maximizes the performance benefits of protein supplements by assisting the body in absorbing more protein rather than excreting it Because ProHydrolase breaks down protein into its smallest composition, it reduces the occurrence of digestive discomfort often associated with protein […]

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What is Fitness Trainer Magazine?

Fitness Trainer Magazine is a digital publication that fills the niche existing for a business to business publication to help personal/fitness trainers succeed in their professions and improve their service to clients. Much as patients look to Doctors for advice to stay well, clients look to trainers to stay fit. Fitness Trainer’s writers are renowned authorities on the several subjects that are relevant to the training profession. We regularly feature articles written by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, the International Association of Resistance Trainers, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As Fitness Trainer serves readers, so does it serve marketers of fitness related products and services by providing a link to convey the virtues of your brands to a vital and INFLUENTIAL audience, eager to keep up with trends and new products in order to help clients reach their desired fitness goals. A link to Fitness Trainer is sent out to personal/fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts in the United States and Canada six times each year. Additionally, the publication is promoted and advertised on Facebook and offered for sale to fitness enthusiasts on global digital newsstands.

Fitness Trainer is indeed “For Trainers By Trainers!”

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